Say Goodbye To Big Pharma With HempLife Today’s CannazALL


For those of you who haven’t followed my blog as long as others, you may not know that I have a special needs child.  My middle child is high functioning autistic and also has sensory processing disorder.  As he gets older, his symptoms seem to be getting worse, like his body is growing but his brain is regressing.  He has absolutely zero attention span, can’t focus, can’t carry out simple tasks without frustration, and school is a struggle that you can’t even imagine.

It has been suggested to myself and my husband that we consider medication for our son.  I know everyone has differing opinions about medication and children, and I draw off of my own personal experiences.  I have known 4 people to take the suggested medications, and have watched all 4 die from brain tumors at a young age, between 12 and 24 years old.  While there is no medical confirmation these 4 died as a result of the medication, but the coincidence was too great to ignore.  I set out to find something effective yet safe for my son, and all roads kept leading me back to CBD oil.  Although there are a few different sources out there, my research led me to find that HempLife Today has the purest, most naturally sourced product, CannazALL, and I knew that’s what I was going to try.


I reached out to HempLife Today, and was thrilled when they accepted my offer to partner up for a review.  If it worked half as well as I expected it to, it would all be worth it.  The larger bottles are CBD Tincture and the syringes are more concentrated, more flavorful version of what is in the bottle.

The day my CannazALL arrived, my son was having a particularly rough day.  I decided we were going to just dive in and try it out.  Two hours after giving my son his first dose of CannazALL, I figured why not put it to the test.  My son had been shoving things under his bed and dresser for three weeks instead of cleaning it like he was supposed to, so I asked him to clean it up.  I was in complete shock when my son sat for 2 hours carefully sorting and organizing everything until it was all perfectly where it belonged…THEN asked if he could play a board game with his younger sister.  This from the kid who couldn’t brush his teeth without getting distracted and off track.  You’re joking me right?  It worked that fast?

So, since we saw some great improvement I decided we would continue on and see how things go.  The first day at school after starting the CannazALL I actually got a call home from my sons teacher about how well he did in school.  WHAT?!  Absolutely not something I thought I would ever experience!  Since then, little by little, every day things have been improving for my son.  I’m finally able to see him happy and thriving like every little boy should be.  I can’t believe it, but CannazALL has FAR surpassed any expectation I had of it, and I can’t wait to see the progress that continues to happen every day.  Thank you HempLife Today, from the bottom of my heart, for giving my son a better quality of life.  It means the world to me, my husband, AND my son.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

One thought on “Say Goodbye To Big Pharma With HempLife Today’s CannazALL

  1. Wow this is life changing Stephy. I know how much you have struggled with him over the years and I hope this continues to work for you and him. Keep me updated! Love ya.

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