Mighty Mug Review


Everyone has that one beverage that they drink every day.  Whether you’re a coffee drinker, tea drinker, soda drinker, or even a water drinker…you need a Mighty Mug!  The Mighty Mug is powered by Smartgrip technology, and is the ONLY mug that will stick to your desk when knocked into, but will lift naturally and easily.


When my Mighty Mugs got here, I was so eager to try them out!  Just earlier that day my cat decided she didn’t like the placement of my coffee and moved it for me.  (All over the floor and computer chair that is!)


The Mighty Mug Solo is the best mug I have ever used.  It is a beautiful lilac color, and best of all keeps my drinks hot but more importantly, keeps my drink safe from clumsiness or a jerk-faced cat.  Be warned though, the first few minutes you sit down with your mug you’ll have fun trying to tip it over, and calling other people over to do the same.  My kids are mesmerized by the cup standing in place even when we’re pushing on it.


The Mighty Mug Ice has been a huge hit with my husband.  He works outside all day and always has a glass of ice water nearby.  He usually leaves his drink on the tailgate of the work truck but that can prove to be frustrating living in a windy area like we do.  Quite a few times he has lost his drink to the wind.  A couple days after receiving the Mighty Mug Ice, we had one of the windiest days in a long time.  My husband said if he didn’t have the Mighty Mug he probably wouldn’t have been able to drink water all day because it would be impossible to keep it from spilling.  So, thank you Mighty Mug for helping me make sure my husband stays hydrated…it helps me know his needs are being met when I’m not there to make sure myself.  My husband’s co-workers were very impressed and plan on getting their own Mighty Mugs so their drinks aren’t spilled all day either.

There are different cups offered and a wide variety of colors so there is sure to be a mug for everyone.  The Mighty Mug Go is the next one on my growing Mighty Mug wish list 🙂 .


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***