Magformers Review

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As a mother in a time where kids become zombies face down in electronics, I’m always looking for toys that encourage play.  Don’t get me wrong, my kids have video games and other electronics but I prefer they not spend an excessive amount of time using them.  Magformers are such an exciting new find for me!


Magformers are a magnetic toy that are ingeniously manufactured so that the pieces are always going to attract to each other allowing frustration-free play.  We received the Magformers Inspire 30 pc Set and have been having tons of fun!



I knew Magformers were going to be a huge hit with my daughter, but what took me by surprise was my sons having a blast with them too.  My sons are 10 and 12, and are “too old” (as they tell me with an eye roll) for toys.  They even asked if they could get their own sets for their birthday or Christmas!



The possibilities with Magformers are endless really.  No matter how wild your child’s imagination is, Magformers will keep the fun going time and time again.  My daughter has had a lot of fun making the creations in the instruction book as well as her own.  She’s building hand-eye coordination while fine tuning her constructing skills, and this mom couldn’t be happier.

***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Little Tikes Cook ‘n Store Kitchen Review


Little Tikes new Cook ‘n Store Kitchen is the perfect kitchen playset for any size area.  It comes fully assembled in the box, so there are no tools required.  It’s as simple as take it out of the box and start playing.


When playtime is over the Cook ‘n Store Kitchen folds compactly to store away virtually anywhere.  I love the compact storage feature, I can take it with me anywhere!  Having a BBQ at the park?  Take along the Cook ‘n Store kitchen so your little one can cook with you, and be entertained as well.



Like all the Little Tikes products I’ve ever used with my 3 kids, the Cook ‘n Store Kitchen is well made.  It handles the abuse of toddler and still just keeps performing like the day it came out of the box.


The oven and stove knobs click, which my daughter really seems to love.  I think it helps her feel like she’s really cooking something, and she’s quite proud of the food she makes using her imagination.  Both oven doors and microwave door open to allow you child to multi-task and still leave tons of room for friends to join in.  There are hanging hooks for cookware and pots and pans keeping everything within an arms reach.  The sink faucet comes up high enough that your child can pretend to wash dishes or their hands which was a huge plus for me!  My daughter has had a play kitchen in the past but it was poorly designed and caused her a lot of frustration.  The design and construction of the Little Tikes Cook ‘n Store Kitchen leaves nothing to be desired…they thought of everything and made a brilliant product.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Lalaloopsy Dance With Me Doll Review


Lalaloopsy fun has been taken to a whole new level with the Lalaloopsy Dance With Me Doll.  Put on your magical bow and get moving with Peanut!


Peanut Big Top is ready to sing and dance and get the super silly party started!  She can teach you how to do the super silly party dance step-by-step so you can move and groove along.  When you wear your magical bow, Peanut will follow your dance moves and copy what you do.  The sillier you get, the sillier Peanut gets.


My daughter had the time of her life dancing with Peanut!  Twist and turn, wiggle and giggle!  There’s no end to the super silly dancing you can have with Lalaloopsy Dance With Me Peanut Big Top.

If you’re ready to get even SILLIER, you can play freeze dance with Peanut and have a blast.  There are 8 different dance moves and over 90 phrases allowing your child to play for hours without getting bored.  When Peanut gets tipped over she needs a hand back up and is ready for more super silly dancing fun.  Lalaloopsy Dance with me is the perfect gift for any Lalaloopsy fan…it helps keep them active, using their imagination, and having tons of fun!


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Lalaloopsy Jewelry Maker Review


The Lalaloopsy Jewelry Maker is a great way for any Lalaloopsy fan to express their creativity and style in sew cute Lalaloopsy fashion.  With fun colored beads and adorable Lalaloopsy tinies to add as well, the possibilities and designs are endless and always unique.  The different shapes and textures of the beads makes for a fashionable, eye catching piece of jewelry.


Although I was a little intimidated at first, the jewelry maker is actually very easy to use.  I figured that anything that made jewelry had to be a little complicated because I’ve always hand-strung beads, but it was so simple!  My daughter is 4 years old and was able to make her jewelry with little parental help, allowing her to feel like a big girl and I think it made her more proud to show off her jewelry.


Once the teacups are filled, slowly rotate the ferris wheel and open the bottoms of the cups to fill the bead reservoir.  As soon as you have your string threaded, turn on the machine and let the fun begin!  My daughter thought it was the best thing ever watching her jewelry be made, and she couldn’t wait to show it off.

Every little girl loves jewelry, and I love the sense of pride and accomplishment the Lalaloopsy Jewelry Maker gives my little princess.  Be prepared to buy extra string and beads because it will be used non-stop.  Every doll my daughter owns now has their own customized Lalaloopsy jewelry.

***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

BSensible Fitted Sheet Review


The technology put into the BSensible Kids Fitted Sheet is impressive to say the least.  Cosmetic grade ZNO has been incorporated into the fibers, and remains even after multiple washes.  The mineral zinc helps regenerate and protect skin, reduces odors, and is also antibacterial.  The BSensible fitted sheet also provides a dust mite barrier so you can rest assured that your child is having the best sleep of their life, literally.


BSensible offers a great solution to a parent like me who has been on the hunt for effective waterproof protection.  My middle child is high functioning autistic and has sensory processing disorder, and even at 10 years old, we still battle bedwetting every day.  I have tried a few different waterproof options before, and all of them miserably failed so I was really eager to try out the BSensible Kids Fitted Sheet.


A big issue with most waterproof options right off the bat is the noise that comes along with wetness protection.  When it’s quiet at night it proved to be a big problem for both of my sons, whom share a room.  I am so pleased with the technology BSensible has put together…there is no noise at all!  The sleeping surface of the sheet is is smooth and soft, offering a comfortable night’s sleep.  The sheet is also a thermoregulatory fabric, so it doesn’t overheat your child as they sleep.


The inner laminate surface does an amazing job at protecting the mattress from accidents.  Usually every day I would have to pull out my spot machine and quickly clean the bed before odor set in.  My son feels much more confident in himself being able to sleep well and not have to worry about what mom will have to do the next day.  Although he can’t help the nighttime accidents, I know he feels bad when he sees the time it takes me to clean his bed.  I’m very happy that such a simple product could help my son, and myself, enjoy life on a whole new level.

***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***