Snoopy’s Grand Adventure Review


In the new game Snoopy’s Grand Adventure, you will explore the furthest reaches of Snoopy’s imagination as you help him look for Charlie Brown and the whole gang.  Pick up new costumes as you go, giving Snoopy a whole new persona along with all new abilities.  Play by yourself, or share the fun and adventure with a friend.  Save the Beagle Scouts and collect jelly beans along the way.


Snoopy’s Grand Adventure is really a game that the whole family can enjoy.  There’s no complicated controls so it’s as simple as pick up the controller and start playing.  It’s easy enough to control that my 4 year old can play without too much frustration, but fun enough to captivate my 10 and 12 year old sons as well as myself and my husband.  The graphics are very well done on each level.  From the moon, to the jungle, and even the sky, each level offers it’s own small challenges that you help Snoopy overcome.  I love how Snoopy’s ears fly back in the wind when he’s running…so cute!

I have to say, I think this is the best movie-based game ever released.  It does a great job at captivating fans of all ages, new Peanuts fans and old alike.  Each level opens a door to Snoopy’s imagination that bring out the Snoopy fan in everyone.  Finish the game of hide-and-seek and have a blast doing it all over again!

Check out the Snoopy’s Grand Adventure game trailer here

***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Buzz Bee Toys Review


Buzz Bee Toys is a company that I’ve newly found, and I have to say I’m pretty impressed at the wide range of toys that they have.  No matter how your child likes to play, Buzz Bee Toys has something they’re bound to love.


I received the most AWESOME package from Buzz Bee Toys…everything my kids needed to have fun and stay active.  It was hard to keep these packaged long enough to take a picture.  My kids couldn’t wait to open them and go outside and play.  That was music to my ears…as a mom I really appreciate toys that aren’t attached to a screen and encourage imaginative play and staying active.

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The Ultra-Tek Snipe is one of the kids’ favorite guns that we received from Buzz Bee Toys.  It has a realistic clip-fed bolt action, and is pretty powerful.  With an 8 dart clip and the ability to shoot up to 72 feet your kids can stay hidden while shooting their ambushing siblings.  The scope and barrel are detachable making transporting it to a friend’s house with you much easier.

51059-GunSmoke-Pkg_HR - Copy 51000-Gunsmoke-Product_HR


Gunsmoke will bring out the little kid in anybody.  My kids got a little irritated waiting for Dad to finish playing with it first so they could finally take a turn.  Gunsmoke delivers a realistic puff of smoke after every shot, and features ejecting shells for a super-fun and realistic (but safe) experience.

60500-Predator-Pkg_HR 60500-Predator-Product_HR


Predator is another fun dart blaster from Buzz Bee Toys.  The scope is detachable allowing your child to customize the way they play.  For some reason, my kids really love the bolt action feature, and were happy that it was on this gun as well.

00885954518005-pkg 00885954518005-prod


Air Max Boss has distance that is unbeatable!  There are 3 clip-fed darts that blast up to 80 feet away.  The Air Max Boss gives you an advantage over your opponent every time so you can dominate and conquer.

00885954626205 00885954626205-prod


Ultra-Tek Wizard 2 Pack is perfect for your kids to be evenly matched and battle it out to see who’s quicker on their toes.  The four round barrel is auto advancing so you can fire away without hesitation.

43300_pkg_328x188 43300_484x275


The Wingz Dart Launcher is perfect for little girls who love playing alongside the boys, or on their own creating their own fun adventure.  It’s as simple as load, pull back, and blast!  I love this little dart launcher because it fits perfectly in my daughters hand, she can load it herself, and have a ton of fun running around with her brothers.

I absolutely love the hours and hours of giggles and laughs I have heard while my children play with their Buzz Bee Toys. There’s nothing better than hearing my children enjoy each other, and enjoy quality time building memories they’ll look back on and treasure.

***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***