Hoot’s Naturals Beard Balm Review


Hoot’s Naturals Beard Balm is a product that I think I need to buy stock in!  My husband loves keeping his facial hair, especially during the winter months because he works outside and it helps keep his face warm.  I, however, have never been a fan of the hair that felt like a wire brush attached to his face.  Hoot’s Naturals Beard Balm to the rescue!

I wasn’t sure how well the Beard Balm was going to work, but if it worked half as well as it claimed to, it was definitely worth it.  With a beeswax base, it helps keep those crazy hairs under control!  My husband’s beard likes to wander off in different directions making it look less than appealing.  Since using the Beard Balm his face-mane has stayed under control, and I have to say, facial hair is a lot more appealing looking when it’s maintained.

There are ingredients added that have great benefits for facial hair.  With argan, grape seed, and hemp oil by your side you will have the best beard (or moustache) on the block.  Moisture is every bit important to the hair on your face as it is the hair on your head…so why let that ‘stache look like trash?  Hoot’s Naturals can even help fix split ends and encourage your facial hair to grow in thicker and more luxurious than ever.

There’s ZERO chance that I’m letting my husband run out of Hoot’s Naturals Beard Balm…every man needs Hoot’s!

***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Zombie Cajun Hot Sauce Review


If you love hot sauce like me and my family do, I can tell you that your collection simply isn’t complete without Zombie Cajun Hot Sauce.  The boxed gift set has 4 flavors that will completely knock your socks off.  No matter what your tastes are, there’s a Zombie Cajun Sauce for you.


Zombie Cajun Hot Sauce a traditional kind of hot sauce.  It has a nice little kick to it without being too much, and kept my kids coming back to the bottle to put it on just about everything.


The Antidote Extra Strength Conversion is definitely extra strength!  With the heat of habaneros your mouth will be on fire, but your taste buds will be so SO happy.  I had to actually hide this one from my 12 year old.  He was going through it like it was water.


Dual Protection Garlic is a nice twist on the Zombie Cajun Hot Sauce.  It has the same great flavor with garlic added to it…great way to keep the zombies away 😉 .


Lagniappe has a nice crisp flavor that bites you back when you take a bite of your food.  If I wasn’t afraid of developing ulcers, I’d even put it on my cereal.  My favorite thing to pair this with is popcorn, and I know you’re thinking I’m nuts, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

The Zombie Cajun Hot Sauce box set makes a great gift.  That is, if you can manage to not open it and use it yourself.  I have a couple friends and family members in mind to bless with a Zombie Cajun box set this year…who will your share the deliciousness with?

***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Blue Apron Review


Blue Apron is on a mission to change the way we cook.  The best tasting meals are the ones prepared with the freshest of ingredients, and Blue Apron has made that more simple than ever.  There are a few different options that you can sign up for depending on how many people you will be feeding.  No matter what meal size you choose, you will find a box filled with amazingly fresh ingredients accompanied with recipes to make meals you never imagined you would be making.


I was so excited to see all of these fresh, vibrant, colorful ingredients when I opened my box.  Just smelling the fresh produce as I was unpacking it was enough to make my stomach growl. The meals I received were: Spicy Korean Chicken Wings with Rice Cakes and Baby Bok Choy, Catfish Piccata and Fresh Fettuccine with Verjus Blanc and Spinach, and Sumac-Spiced Steak and Honeynut Squash with Pickled Onioins and Apple-Walnut Salad.

BlueApron4 BlueApron5

The first thing I made were the Spicy Korean Chicken Wings with Rice Cakes and Baby Bok Choy.  I have to admit, I never in a million years pictured myself cooking with rice cakes, bok choy, or gochujang simply because I didn’t know how to use them.  I’m so glad Blue Apron sends such unique and different foods and teaches you how to use them.  I was pushed outside my comfort level and am SO glad I was.  The Spicy Korean Chicken Wings are by far the best thing I have ever tasted!

BlueApron3 BlueApron6

The Catfish Piccata and Fresh Fettuccine was a pleasant surprise.  I typically don’t like seafood unless it’s salmon, but this recipe made me see catfish in a whole new light.  The catfish was delicious and tasted extremely fresh.  The fresh fettuccine was the best pasta I’ve ever eaten…no more dry pasta for me!  All of the ingredients combined together made a dish that was spectacular.

BlueApron2 BlueApron7

Last, but most certainly not least, the Sumac-Spiced Steak and Honeynut Squash.  I would really love to meet the genius that put this meal together.  The way that all of these ingredients play off of each other and enhance the flavors of the whole dish is brilliant.  The apple-walnut salad with crumbled feta cheese was far better than I expected it would be, but I guess I should’ve expected that by now with Blue Apron.

I will say, the meals are a little time consuming to prepare, but they are every bit worth the time.  I’m a busy mom of 3, and I would gladly take the time out of my day to prepare anything Blue Apron could come up with.  I really love how the recipe cards come with the food.  After you’ve been introduced to new things, if you find you like them, now you have the recipe to guide you through making these dishes of perfection again and again.

For my readers who are interested in trying Blue Apron, my first 50 readers will get 2 meals free in their first box by clicking here, and clicking the orange “redeem offer” button 🙂

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Ring It Review


Ring It is yet another fun filled game from Blue Orange Games.  You’ll need to be faster than your opponents or have a quicker eye.


Sometimes trying to be faster than the other players can make you act too fast adding to the hilarious fun of the game.  When you see a pair clap and ring the bell and collect cards.  But be careful, if you act too quickly there are penalties allowing your opponents to gain the upper hand.

You can even change up the game and create your own funny action to replace the clap!  Winner of the previous round gets to choose a new action leaving it all up to the creativity of each person.  When I won I changed the action of the new round to meowing which had my kids in stitches.  With an endless amount of possibilities I’m spending more time than ever having fun with my children.  What a priceless gift that comes along with Blue Orange Games.

***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Draw 4 Dig For Dinos Review


Draw 4 from Blue Orange Games is a super fun game the whole family will enjoy.  You can spend time with your kids having tons of fun, or they can play amongst themselves without parental help.


The first player starts the excavation site and it’s game on from there.  You can concentrate on excavating a whole dinosaur, grabbing action cards, or swiping pieces other players need to complete a whole dinosaur and win.  But remember, with plenty of steal tiles in the excavation site it is easy for players to get pieces they need from you and snag the win.


The instructions say ages 5 and up but my 4 year old understood how to play pretty well and had a blast.  Even my 12 year old tech-addicted kid loved playing the Draw 4 game and even wanted to play a second round.  I love that a game so simple can be so fun and encourage such meaningful family time. When there’s a smile on my kids faces I’m ond happy mama.  Thank you Blue Orange Games for such a wonderful way to spend time with my littles!

***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***