Sleeping Beauty Costume Review


I know many of my readers already know the obsession my little girl has with dress-up and anything frilly.  One of her favorite things lately is anything and everything princess, but particularly Princess Aurora, or Princess Rerora as my 3 year old calls her.  She reminds me very much of myself, a little girl in love with the fairytale life of a princess.  But then again, what little girl doesn’t love princesses right?

Costume1  Costume2

Costume Discounters has an incredibly large selection of costumes, not just for girls.  There is something for everyone whether you’re 1 or 100.  They also sell this adorable Sleeping Beauty costume that I got for my little one.  I do have to admit, it was a super hard decision to make.  Roughly ninety percent of what I saw on the website, I knew would be a hit with my daughter.  I’m really glad I decided the Sleeping Beauty costume would be the best choice.  She loves the princess dress, and I love the quality of the costume.  Most costumes I can find locally are made extremely cheaply, but this one is made to withstand some wear.  (Make sure you Like CD on Facebook for all the latest and greatest!)

Costume4  Costume3

I’m sure you can tell by these pictures, she is one little happy girl.  The costume did fit slightly larger than I expected, but I’m honestly really pleased that is the case.  She is sooooo in love with her costume and I can’t seem to keep it off of her.  Since it is a little big she will be able to wear it longer, and I’ll get to see the gorgeous smile 🙂 .

***I did not receive any compensation, simply their product free to me in exchange for my honest opinion***


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