Blueberry Pet Collar Review


Blueberry Pet has quite a lineup of collars for our furry little friends.  They offer a really well made, high quality item while at the same time being super comfy for the furbabies that have to wear them.  Once I came across the spectacular Reflective Neoprene Padded Collar, I knew I had to try one out with my Angel.


My little Corgi/Golden Retriever, Angel, is my little princess, so it was only fitting that we got her the pink collar.  You can see that it’s quite a thick material, that will withstand a lot of wear and tear.  I love how the collar not only has the clasp function, but still has a choker type feature as well, which comes in handy for dogs who like to pull excessively on a walk, like mine.

BlueberryPet2 BlueberryPet3

I wanted you guys to be able to see the awesomeness of how reflective the material really is.  You can see in the picture with no flash, the material is gray.  Compare that to the picture on the right where I turned the flash on.  What a big difference!  Living in Arizona, there are times where it’s just too hot to do anything until the sun goes down.  I feel much safer walking my little furball at night now that she has a collar that helps her be seen.  Even in her endless fur, you can see the collar, and her coming.

BlueberryPet4 BlueberryPet5

It’s pretty hard to get Angel to stay still for a picture, she is a bit camera shy.  I had to give her chest rubs and catch her asleep haha.  You can see why a reflective collar is perfect for her.  She is full of energy, and she doesn’t care if it’s dark, she wants to go out and explore.  Still no signs of any wear and tear on the collar, and that’s a huge deal for an active dog like Angel.  I highly recommend every pet parent try Blueberry Pet Collars, you truly will be happy with your purchase many times over.

***I did not receive any compensation from Blueberry Pet, simply their product free to me in exchange for my honest opinion***

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