My Life As A Pet Rescuer

What most of my readers don’t know about me, is the incredibly huge spot in my heart for animals in need.  I have 4 cats and 1 dog of my own (all intentional fosters saved from various situations that I just couldn’t let go), but I also foster many animals in need because I just can’t say no!

In the past 6 months I have fostered 5 dogs, and 8 cats.  I know 8 cats sounds like a lot, but 6 of them were all one litter, abandoned at 3 weeks.  I bottle fed all 6 every 3 hours around the clock (being a mother of 3 human kids that’s a tough task) until they were healthy and strong.  For 4 days some teenage girls were just giving them a saucer of cows milk and none of them had any idea of how to drink it.  All of them weighed in at about 2-3 ounces, and one of them (who I couldn’t let go and she’s a permanent resident of our clan) was at death’s doorstep when I got them.  It can be draining some days but knowing that you’ve made even the smallest difference is the greatest reward.

I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to each of my furbabies as I would love to start posting more about pets, so you will likely see a lot more of them 🙂 .

20150421_203543-1  20150313_053634-1

Angel is my sweet little girl.  She’s a 2 1/2 year old Corgi/Golden Retriever mix that I intended on fostering.  Her family was moving from here in Arizona to North Dakota, and although they were taking their other dog and their cat, apparently Angel wasn’t in their plans.  She had already been rescued from a hoarder that was very abusive, so she doesn’t take to new people well.  Every time someone came to meet her she would snarl and show teeth and nobody would want to take her.  Her behavior was mistaken for aggressiveness when in all actuality it was just fear.  After a lot of work with her, my husband and I decided it would be best to keep her and not place her into a different forever home because everyone might not be so understanding and who knows what would end up happening with her.

20150614_102539-1 20150420_223924-1

This adorable girl came to me with the name Ms. Fatty McDouble with Cheese, aka Cheese for short.  She is almost 9 years old, and her owner’s 6 year old suddenly became allergic.  (I call shenanigans on that one, some people make up the dumbest excuses for abandoning a pet.)  I intended on fostering her too, but I failed again.  She absolutely loves her belly being scratched, and she is a large and in charge woman.  She’s really shy but oh so sweet and she tries to smother me cuddling at night.  (Yes, she watches tv, and I recently upgraded that outdated tv haha!)

20141110_143020 (2) 20141209_132404 (2)

Mr. Pringles (named for his moustache markings) was a tough cookie to deal with.  I got him when he was 4 months old, and was already his sixth home 😦 .  He was born feral and had some pretty wild behavior, including stalking my daughter like prey.  After buying him a large cat tower, tons of toys for ample play time, and some time outside to blow off steam every day, he became quite the well adjusted little guy.  Again I intended on fostering him and failed…can you see the pattern here?  He ended up loving my daughter and naps with her often.

Marcus and Angel 20141104_134451

Marcus was also born as a feral kitten, and was on his way to the shelter to be euthanized.  We took him in and made him love humans, although he’s not always entertained by Angel’s enthusiasm.  He is truly a wonderful cat, and I can’t imagine him being put down because nobody would give him a chance.  Once we got him to love humans, we loved him as well and the foster plan failed…again.

20150617_082446-1 20150531_154755-1

(Don’t mind my husband’s dirty yardwork shoes, she passed out playing with the sock haha!)

Delilah is the newest permanent addition to the family.  She is the one from the litter of 6 that I raised as I did my own human children.  She is absolutely full of personality and loves when a new foster arrives.  She is the kind of kitten that will make other pets like her, and they WILL be her friend.  She is cuddly and playful and a little spitfire to say the least.

As for now, I only have one foster, her name is Hope.  She is about 10 years old, and came from a sad life:


I couldn’t help but try and help her.  Unfortunately, she didn’t have too much of a will to live when I got her.  She had 2 seizures in a short span, and I was certain she was going to pass.  I was so certain in fact, that I cried my eyes out and dug a hole for her incase she passed at night and it was too dark to dig.  I came inside and begged her to please fight for me, and she has.  For her body frame she should weigh 10 lbs, and when I got her she was 5 lbs.  She is just over 7 lbs now, and slowly recovering.  She will be here minimum of at least 2 more months before she finds a home that will love her for her numbered days remaining.  (If I didn’t have 4 of my own already, she would be another failure case and I would keep her here no questions asked.)


You can see that she really is a sweet girl, and oh so loving!  I plan on placing her with an elderly person who will understand her needs a bit better than the average pet owner.  Due to her age, she can’t eat a lot of hard food.  She enjoys nibbling on it occasionally, but she has to have wet food, no ifs ands or buts about it.

I hope you all enjoyed learning a little bit about my furchildren…I’m sure you’ll be seeing them a lot more in the near future.


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