Flexion Selfie Stick Review


I was uber excited to be able to partner with Flexion, so when I was offered the opportunity to review the Selfie Stick as well it was a no brainer.  I am always wanting pictures of myself and my kids together, by I’m short so I have baby T-Rex arms and can’t capture a very wide image.  Although I’m not the type to take pictures of myself, I would really love more pictures of me and the kids together, not in separate photos.

FlexionSelfieStick1 FlexionSelfieStick2

The Flexion Selfie Stick is Bluetooth capable with any Android or IOS device, so that means you can use it with virtually anything you can imagine.  I love the little carrying pouch included, it makes it super portable and always ready to go.


I really like how well the Selfie Stick hold the phone into place.  I was initially worried about the phone slipping out of place while the Selfie Stick was fully telescoped out so I held it over the bed first and gave it a really good jiggle.  My phone didn’t move even slightly, so I was pretty confident in using the Selfie Stick without dropping the phone.


You can see that the Selfie Stick telescopes out at an impressive distance of just over 31 inches.  That makes people like myself with T-Rex arms very happy, because now we can actually capture pictures we never imagined we could.  At it’s most compact, the Selife Stick measures 7.2 inches making it super easy to fit into any purse, diaper bag, or pocket.

I am thoroughly impressed with the quality in Flexion products, and they have won me over as a life-long customer.

***I did not receive any compensation from Flexion, simply their product free to me in exchange for my honest opinion***


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