Red Baron Brick Oven Pizza Review


Thanks to my friends over at BzzAgent I was able to try out the new Red Baron Brick Oven Pizza so that I could share my opinion with all of you!  I know that many of you are like myself and have kids that are now on summer break (or soon will be) and this is going to be your summer lifesaver.


Since they all looked so dang good and I didn’t know which one to try, I left it up to the kids and they chose the Meat Trio Pizza.


You can see that the pizza cooked up beautifully.  The crust was nice and golden while being crisp yet pillowy.  The cheese was melted to bubbly perfection without burning and the topping all tasted really well together.  I’m not the biggest fan typically of frozen pizza because there seems to be an overload of poor quality sauce.  I am very pleased to say that Red Baron has officially won me over with their Brick Oven Pizza.  The sauce was even delicious, and that’s the part I usually don’t tend to like about pizza.  My freezer will absolutely be stocked for quick lunches and dinners that taste great.

RedBaronBrickOvenMeatTrio4 RedBaronBrickOvenMeatTrio3

Don’t just take my word for it, take it from my kids who are enjoying their pizza so much they don’t seem to care that the camera is there.  By far the best frozen pizza I have EVER had.  The ONLY thing I wish for is that it was slightly larger.  It would be about the equivalent of a medium pizza ordered through a delivery chain.  Other than that, the Red Baron Brick Oven Pizza was perfection.  Nothing seemed out of balance, and definitely took some crafting for Red Baron to achieve such a good quality frozen pizza.

***I did not receive any compensation from Red Baron or BzzAgent, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest opinion***

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