Hook Me Ups Review


In today’s fast paced world, it is not always convenient to be tied to a wall outlet to charge your electronic devices. I have come across many power bank chargers, but the problem I had was that they were all so poorly designed and ugly that I did not want to carry them around in my bag with me.


I was reading an issue of a magazine and saw Lily Aldridge raving about her Hook Me Ups portable charger I knew that I absolutely had to try one out!
The whole idea of Hook Me Ups is creating something that is super stylish while at the same time being something that is a need that most of us have.


One Hook Me Ups comes with everything you need to fit almost any electronic device. You can use them on Apple brand devices, Android, tablets, GPS devices, Bluetooth, cameras, PSP’s, e-cigarettes… the list is endless.



When I received my Hook Me Ups, I couldn’t wait to charge it. The next day I was going into town with my kids and this was going to come in super handy! I live in a very rural area, and it is a 25 mile one way trip to my closest grocery store. When we go into town, we have a lot of errands to do because we make our trip worthwhile. Usually we’re in town somewhere around 5 hours. Between using my phone for digital coupons and my kids are playing games while we walk around the store, my battery gets drained very quickly. Halfway through our day the phone is dead and the kids are unhappy bored and have nothing to do. Hook Me Ups to the rescue!


(When you charge your Hook Me Ups there will be a red light)

When my phone died I was actually very eager to pull out my Hook Me Ups charger. There were a few women that saw my charger while shopping and had the same reaction, “oh my goodness! Where did you get that? It’s adorable! I’ve never seen anything like that before”. Not only do I love when people notice how awesome my accessories are, but I love being able to share with them where to get their own. If you are tired of the same bland, ugly chargers, you definitely need to give Hook Me Ups a try. What’s even better is as long as you have your charger by your side you can have peace of mind in a disastrous situation. When the power is out and your phone is dead how will you call for help? As long as you have a Hook Me Ups charger you know that you can extend the time frame your family has to reach out for assistance.

***I did not receive any compensation from Hook Me Ups, simply their product free to me in exchange for my honest opinion***

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