Earn a $150 Amazon Gift Card Just in Time for the Holidays!!!


Hurry over and request a FREE COPY OF YOUR CREDIT REPORT!! There is NO credit card information requested! What are you waiting for? Click here to register for free in under 2 minutes. You’ll get your free credit score and a complete view of your credit and loans. Plus, when you turn on the Credit Monitoring feature, you’ll be notified of changes to your credit profile, along with $50K identity theft insurance and live agents to help you restore your identity in case of theft. All for free. All in one place. Best part is there is NO credit card needed!!

Hurry over and request a FREE Copy of your credit report and you can get a FREE $150 AMAZON GIFT CARD when you refer 6 friends!

After you sign up click on the button that says “Hi (your name)”! in the top right side of the page. Scroll down to ‘invite a friend’.

It takes about 7 days to receive the gift card in your email, but friends of mine have already received theirs. I’m a little later to the offer, but I like to gather other friends experiences before I put something out there for you all. Have a happy Holiday season with a free $150 Amazon gift card.


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