KOOEE Super Snacks Jerky Trail Mix Review


KOOEE Super Snacks are a delicious alternative to traditional high in fat and bad for you snacks. KOOEE Jerky Trail Mix is the tastiest combination I never thought of. Packed with jerky, nuts, dried fruit, seeds, and the perfect blend of spices makes for a taste bud thrilling, tummy filling snack.


I received KOOEE Jerky Trail Mix in two different flavors: Smoked Chipotle with Apple, and Lime Pepper with Mango. I wish I could tell you guys I have a favorite. Both flavors were just too delicious that there’s no way I’d be able to choose between the two. They were both so packed with great flavor and perfect textures!


The Smoked Chipotle with Apple was a HUGE hit with my two younger kids. They don’t typically like anything too spicy, and this was a snack the whole family from young to old will enjoy. I really liked how the apples, although dehydrated, were still soft. They weren’t crunchy or crispy and had a perfect chew to them.


The Lime Pepper with Mango was my oldest son’s favorite of the two. It’s hard as heck to get him to eat anything with any nutritional value and this is the perfect compromise. He thinks he’s eating something sinful, and I’m laughing inside because he has no idea he’s eating something beneficial for his body.

I’m glad my kids could give an insight as to which they found more appealing because I LOVED both flavors and could never pick one over the other. I also really liked how packed with protein KOOEE snacks are. I get a nice little energy kick naturally, no stimulants or added sugars. There’s no better way to go, and KOOEE snacks are a new household favorite.

***I did not receive any compensation from KOOEE Super Snacks, simply their product free to me in exchange for my honest opinion.***

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