Ozeri Cardio Tech Pro Series Review



As you all know by now, I love my Ozeri products! I recently got to try the Ozeri Cardio Tech Pro Series and, you guessed it, I LOVE IT!! It fit really comfortably and works quickly without squeezing too tightly and causing discomfort.


The Ozeri Cardio Tech Pro Series comes with everything you’ll need. It comes with batteries, a nice sturdy case to keep it protected (which makes it super easy to throw in a purse or diaper bag on the go), and the instructions are really simple and easy to understand. You can program it for two different users which works out perfectly for both my husband and I. I typically have low blood pressure which I like to keep monitored, and my husband is the opposite with high blood pressure. Now we can track our numbers without having to take the time to write down every single entry in a log. It’s all stored within the Ozeri Cardio Tech itself, which keeps things super simple, and that’s something I truly appreciate.


You can see that the display screen is really big, clear, and easy to read. Although I’m only 30 I have bad eyesight and need to wear glasses (most days I don’t wear them because my kids say it makes me look old). I love that I don’t have to squint and strain my eyes just to see my result and that is awesome! Ozeri has taken out a lot of guess work and extra steps…it’s a simple as put it on, press start, and wait a few seconds. Some of you may not know that I was a CNA for a while, and at the beginning of my shift I went around and collected all of my patients vitals. Just to judge the accuracy I took my husbands blood pressure and pulse the good ol’ fashioned way I was taught, then we put my results up against the Cardio Tech. The numbers were spot on! There’s nothing better than a device that can simplify your life while being extremely accurate.

***I did not receive any compensation from Ozeri, simply their product free to me in exchange for my honest opinion***

One thought on “Ozeri Cardio Tech Pro Series Review

  1. Nice to see one of these that works so well! My mom bought a similar one by Omron called the Reli On (6021REL) when she was told she needed to start monitoring her pressure and the thing fluctuates wildly in the same sitting. For multiple people. So I wondered if all these little wrist devices were as unreliable or if it was just this one. Apparently it’s just this one. 🙂 Thank you for such a useful review!

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