Useful Things – Lunch Kit Review


Have any of you heard of a website called Useful Things? If you take a look at their site you’ll see where they got their name. They are bursting at the seams with useful thing after useful thing! I found an awesome lunch kit on their site I knew I had to get my hands on. The Light My Fire Lunch Kit is the greatest thing I didn’t know I was missing until I owned one. This is a lunch kit I would’ve dreamed of having back in my school days. I never knew 6 pieces could be so wonderfully designed to work together so perfectly.



The larger container obviously functions for holding larger items and being used as a deep plate/shallow bowl, but the lid also doubles as a plate as well!



You’ll also get the SoapBox original and SnapBox oval which have convenient measuring lines on the inside which is perfect for a calorie counter like myself so I can accurately keep track of my portions.



Also included is a cleverly designed spork. Of course we all know a spork is a spoon and a fork but this spork is unlike any other I’ve seen with a well placed knife that’s functional while not getting in the way of eating.


Last but not least there’s an awesome stretchy harness that helps hold everything together. You can take two small items, or use the power of the harness and stack them on top if you’re feeling a bit hungrier.

Everything is BPA free and waterproof, I couldn’t be more in love! I really like how much attention to detail was put into the design. Even the corners are rounded so that you can get all of your food out easily without wasting food, and in turn wasting money. The material is easy to clean, I can toss it in my dishwasher and not have to clean it by hand. It’s also microwave safe for a quick hot meal. I always have a problem with spaghetti staining food storage containers, but this one is stain/taste/odor resistant.

Whether it’s for yourself, a working spouse, kids school lunches, everybody needs the Light My Fire Lunch Kit!

***I did not receive any compensation, simply the product provided free to me by Useful Things in exchange for my honest opinion***


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