RAVPower 4 Port Wall Charger Review



The RAVPower 4 Port Wall Charger has been a huge help here in my household. We’ve always been stuck using a computer, ps3, or Wii to charge things that require USB charging. With the RAVPower wall charger, you have an amazing convenience of charging up to 4 USB capable devices at one time through a standard wall outlet. Now I can charge my devices much quicker. I typically only have one or two USB ports available to charge via other methods so now I can charge everything all at once!


You can see that I can charge a wide variety of things. I have here charging a wireless speaker, cell phone, Nintendo DS and a Mobigo. The charge seems to be much quicker compared to charging through a different USB port, and the charger stops charging your device when it’s done so you don’t have to worry about frying any batteries. As many of you know by now, I’m a huge RAVPower fan, everything I have tried from them so far has been spectacular. The quality is really superior while still having an incredible price point that won’t break the bank. Anyone that uses a USB port for charging various devices needs to try out this 4 Port Wall Charger. It’s been a lifesaver and a time-saver!

***I did not receive any compensation from RAVPower, simply their product free to me in exchange for my honest opinion.***


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