My Experience with CenturyLink


As you all know, I recently moved to a new city. When I moved, I did as much research as I could before actually deciding who I was going to use for my internet service provider. There are only 2 available here, CenturyLink and CableOne. I had heard negative things about each, so I tried my best to make heads or tails of what I was hearing from their current and former customers. With CableOne, I was required to pay no deposit, and would’ve had my services turned on in 2 days. With CenturyLink, I was required to pay a deposit, and stupid me, I did. I thought that CenturyLink was going to be my best bet, so I sucked it up and paid the deposit that I really didn’t have to shell out.

May 12th I called CenturyLink to establish my services and pay my deposit over the phone using my bank account. AFTER I paid my deposit, they informed me that I wasn’t going to be able to have my services turned on until May 21st!!! Ok, not much I could do, so I went with it. The modem is shipped UPS, so I was stuck waiting for that which I had to install myself if I did not want any extra charges. I was told that my modem would arrive by the 21st 5 pm. Well on the 20th I decided to call CenturyLink to see if they could tell me that my modem was scheduled for delivery because my services were being remotely turned on the next day and I still had no modem. I was promised that it would be here by the end of the day on the 21st, and I could begin to use my services.

I was a little worried, because I had two assignments due for 2 different companies no later than 11:59 pm on May 21st. Low and behold, end of the day my modem never came. I tried to call customer service but how convenient, they were closed. Technical support was able to place another modem order for me and overnight it, so I would expect to receive it in 2 business day’s time, so Friday. (This is after they told me I could go to the mall which is a 30 minute drive one way and pay $99 for a modem.) Called back the next morning and explained the situation to customer support and her response was “I’m so sorry hun, I don’t know why someone would’ve lied to you but I show that your modem isn’t supposed to be delivered until today.” Grrr! Ok, whatever, nothing I could really do. So I asked, “what happens if the modem isn’t here by the end of the day today? I now have internet services on that I can’t use.” She says, “If it’s not there call this number (gave me a number) after 7 p.m. and they’ll help you.” 7 p.m. still nothing. I call the number I was given and all it is? Technical support. I learned by talking to technical support that the order for the first modem was still processing, meaning it was never even sent out! So the whole 9 days that I inconvenienced my life and stayed home to receive a package, was a waste. The other people I spoke to could clearly see it was still processing and didn’t bother to tell me, they lied to avoid an upset customer.

So at this point, I’m steaming mad. I have now lost 2 of my best partnerships with companies because CenturyLink couldn’t pull their head out of their butts. So now not only have they taken my money for my deposit, they’ve literally taken food out of my children’s mouths and cost me 2 jobs. So I called back Friday morning to talk to someone about having my deposit returned. I paid money as show of good faith because my credit score was not high enough for them. What about good faith on their part?! I paid good money for this kind of customer service? I finally got to the right person that said she was going to refund my deposit. Because it was a holiday weekend (I called on Friday) she said it would take a little longer than the average 24-48 hours to have it credited back to my bank account. She said if I didn’t see it returned into my account on Tuesday to call back.

Well, it’s Tuesday. Do you think that there is anything in my bank account as far as a refunded deposit? NOPE! So now I get to wait until customer service is open and call yet again. Even IF my refund is eventually returned, do I consider that enough compensation for the 2 jobs that I lost because of this nonsense? No, not nearly enough. If I would’ve known this was how my service was going to be, I would’ve gone with the other company and never looked back.

My suggestion to absolutely every one of my readers is if you have an option of CenturyLink and a different service provider, for the love of God, go with the other provider. This has been nothing but a headache, and a waste of time. Absolutely the worst customer service I’ve ever received and that’s speaking volumes. I will be getting service with the other provider and dropping CenturyLink like a bad habit. They’ve left a bad taste in my mouth and I have told everyone I know about my experience. The sad thing? I’m not alone. I’ve spoken to over 50 CenturyLink customers and not a single one is satisfied. So please, take my warning, and avoid CenturyLink like the plague. In the end it will save you a horrible experience like the one that I’ve gone through.

Today is now Thursday May 29th. I called Tuesday like I was supposed to, nobody could tell me anything. I called again yesterday, nobody could tell me anything. So I called AGAIN today, only to find out that my refund wasn’t even put into the system until yesterday the 28th. Friday the 23rd I spoke to Jade in Sales department and she told me she was processing it that day. So….5 days later someone finally decided to do their job. Nevermind that I lost 2 jobs, that doesn’t matter, these horrible service reps still have their job, and take their sweet time doing anything, and customer is always the last thought. Want to see what happened when I called out Century Link on social media? These are the responses I got:



So I did what they suggested, and I emailed the email address I was given. Do you think I’ve even gotten a response over 48 hours later? Nope of course not. They just want to make it look like on social media that they’re quick to resolve issues, when they are CLEARLY NOT!!

Still Thursday the 29th. CenturyLink is claiming not to have received my email…



So, if I never sent them an email, how come I have proof here that it was sent?!


Just yet another show of how absolutely horrible Century Link is. All they want to do is make it appear on social media that they’re resolving the issues, when they are not.

4 thoughts on “My Experience with CenturyLink

  1. My parents have centurylink too. They are horrible! Their old company was bought out buy them. Last week They turned off the internet late Friday for no reason then it couldn’t get turned back on till they sent a new modem which of course didn’t get there till 2 days after it was supposed to.

  2. I was just told by them that the $75 deposit I paid I will not get back because a couple of my bills were a couple days late. I never had my service turned off I cancelled service and that are basically taking that $75 and running with it and wont apply it to my final bill. Jerks!!

  3. I have just signed up for them a month ago and i still cant use it i had to se up an installation order because i dont have a phone jack and they want me to pay$100. To put a hole in my wall and i jad to pay them 70 to get the damn box in the first place! And i posted this on their Facebook page.
    I am so fucking done with this internet bull shit one i order it the box gets sent to me i set it up only to find out i need a phone jack to use it not a cable cord two i had an installation apointment at 3 its 5 now and no one has showed up 3 i call to find out dude didn’t have the stuff to do it so he disided not to call and let me know and told me i had to reschedule4 i have had it for a month and havent been able to use it if i have to wait again im not paying them shit!
    And this is what i get as an answer
    Hi Samantha, I can track your tech for you. Send me a private message and I’ll help you there. -Chay
    And guess what he didnt help me just gave me a fucking number so i call the number and try to just cansle and get my 70 back and so the guy im talking to says he will talk to the service technician to try and get it resolved telling me that he will call me back in 20 minutes never called me back so I called him back the next day saying I want to cancel my services so a lady talks to me saying well I can have it set up next week I told her straight up I said no this is the second time this has happened I am so done with you and then I hang up on her she called me back and says she will deduct payment for the time I haven’t been able to use it and set up the schedule for next week to have a phone jack installed I will not get my hopes up

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