Detour Smart Bars Review

detour smart bars logo

Detour Smart Bars might just be the best oatmeal bars that I’ve ever had. Not only are they made from whole grain oatmeal, but they’re packed with all kinds of goodness your body will thank you for.


I tried the Cranberry Flax and it knocked my socks off! (Not literally, but I was pretty blown away with how great the flavor and texture was.)


I love the chewy, yet soft texture of the Detour Smart Bars! The Greek yogurt drizzle on top is perfection. The taste of the yogurt mixed with the cranberries and whole grain oatmeal is the best combination. I love how filling the bars are too. I could only eat half at a time, and I felt really full. When you’re trying to count calories and cut back, Smart Bars are perfect. The calorie count is really good, and the wholesome goodness makes it a snack that’s impossible to turn down.

The true test is if I can get my kids to eat it. Normally anything that’s even remotely healthy, my kids can taste it on the first bite, and more often than not refuse to eat it. Smart Bars were devoured quite quickly with all three of my kids and I even heard “can I have another one of those?”. My sons took the Smart Bars to their state standardized testing for their snack. I loved the peace of mind knowing that they were having a healthy snack that would fuel their brain, and that they were actually going to eat it!

***I did not receive any compensation from Detour Smart Bars, simply their product free to me in exchange for my honest opinion.***

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