Shea Touch Review and Giveaway


Shea Touch makes some of the most AMAZING products ever…although that’s not something I think needs saying, the proof is in the pictures. I came across the Shea Touch line while on a hunt for something effective to help my daughter’s eczema. We tried everything you can possibly imagine to help heal her skin, and nothing worked. We got prescription cream from the doctor, that didn’t work. So we tried oatmeal baths, didn’t work. Added baking soda and coconut oil to the oatmeal bath as her doctor suggested, didn’t work. I went through every lotion, cream, and oil you can imagine. Even with 4 time a day usage NOTHING was healing my little ones skin. Shea Touch to the rescue!


She Touch sent me an amazing trio of products to help combat the eczema. I received: Eczema Relief Baby Lotion, Baby Wash and Shampoo, and Baby Lotion. The Baby Wash and Shampoo is infused with natural oils to help fight the dryness as you wash instead of contributing to it. It cleans my daughter really well while still being really effective at helping her skin. I use the Eczema Relief Baby Lotion right after a bath with damp skin to help seal in moisture. Throughout the day if my daughter’s skin is feeling dry we use some of the Baby Lotion and she’s feeling much better in no time.

First, let me show you some before pictures. These were taken before we started using the Shea Touch line:
1before (3) 1before (1) 1before (2) 1before (4)

Her skin had been like this for weeks! Her doctor had told me I had tried everything I could and there was nothing more I could do. NO! I refuse to accept that. When you have a 2 year old who’s skin is in this condition and every little thing is painful, there is no option of giving up and letting them stay like this! The really bad patch on her arm had become so dry it cracked open, and was starting to weep.

This next set of pictures is after only 2 days of use:

2days (3) 2days (2) 2days (1) 2days (4)

You can see that it started to heal in an insanely fast time frame.

And these next pictures are after 4 days of using the Shea Touch products:

4days-1 4days-3 4days-4 4days-2

I can not believe my daughter suffered for weeks and her doctor told me there was nothing more I could do if the prescription cream was not working. If you have a child that suffers from eczema, I promise you they do not have to suffer. The Shea Touch line has been a lifesaver, and I will be ordering more before my bottle is halfway gone.

I also received a few samples of some of the other products that Shea Touch makes.


The Revitalizing Night Cream, Eye Cream, Face Cream, and Face Scrub are delightful! My skin is left smooth, soft, hydrated, nourished, younger looking, and even gives you a beautiful glow! The Baby Bottom Balm, I have not had to use yet, but if it works like the rest of their products, I’m willing to bet it’s amazing! The Body Butters are my favorite, and feel so luxurious to put on after taking a shower. The Pomegranate Infusion and the Citrus Charm smell amazing. What’s even better than the smell is how amazing it makes your skin feel.


The Revitalizing Milky Face Toner is my new favorite thing to apply in the morning. I put it on in the morning before my makeup and my skin feels wonderful all day long! The Baby Oil comes in really handy! I have added a few drops to my daughters bath water just to give her skin that little extra help and it seems to be working!

I have fallen in love with EVERYTHING Shea Touch makes, I hope you take my advice and try them out, you’ll be just as in love as I am.

Shea Touch has also been generous enough to sponsor a giveaway! FIVE lucky winners will receive their own Eczema Relief Lotion! Giveaway will begin on 04/06/14 at 12:00 am EST and end on 04/13/14 at 12:00 am EST. Winners will have 48 hours to claim their prize or another winner will be chosen. Winner will be chosen randomly by Good luck! Please click the link below to enter:

Enter Giveaway Here

***I did not receive any compensation from Shea Touch, simply their product free to me in exchange for my honest opinion.***


8 thoughts on “Shea Touch Review and Giveaway

  1. I’ve had eczema my whole life and as I’ve gotten older, its mainly just on my hands now. I’m always up to try a new product!

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