Purex Fresh Pet Review


Purex is a favorite laundry care item here in my home. From detergent, to crystals, to dryer sheets, my home is a Purex home all the way. Now they’ve REALLY thought of everything. The new Purex Fresh Pet is detergent made just for your furbabies linens!

Fresh Pet detergent has a unique odor-control formula that is absolutely amazing. I’ll admit it, I’m guilty of occasionally putting an article of clothing or two on my dogs. There’s just something irresistible about a dog in a sweater or a shirt. What happens when your furbabies apparel gets smelly? If you’re like me, you wash it in a traditional detergent that does NOTHING for the odors or set in dirt that can occur…it’s being worn by a dog for crying out loud!

Not only does the Fresh Pet detergent clean your pet’s linens (also great for use on blankets they use to sleep on), it helps to moisturize your pets coat while eliminating the odors! Talk about double duty! If your an animal lover like myself, Fresh Pet detergent by Purex is one item you don’t want to live without.

(I tried getting a picture of my doggies in their clothing but they wouldn’t sit still. Like 2 year olds on a sugar high!)


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