IsABelt Review



IsABelt has changed the way this girl looks at belts. The biggest problem I have with most belts is that they’re big, bulky, and quite obvious. The holes on traditional belts never seem to fit me “just right” and I’m left having my husband add extra holes for me. With isABelt, you have 100% wiggle room in how the belt fits. Its a fit that’s truly right for you! I love how flat the isABelt is under my shirt! You can’t see a huge ridge of belt looking like some kind of horrible muffin top. I was really surprised at how strong the magnet clasp was. Even really strong tugs didn’t break the latch open, you have to be intentionally opening the belt.


IsAStrapdowns couldn’t have come at a more perfect time! For me, winter-time = wearing my cute American Eagle boots with skinny jeans. Even though the jeans are “skinny jeans” there is still a little material that catches while putting my boots on and then I’m struggling to straighten out pant legs inside of snug fitting boots. The isAStrapdowns have made it incredibly easy to get my boots on with my skinny jeans. My pants stay in place and there’s no more pulling, tugging, or struggling.

StrapSecure I tested around the house because it’s too cold to test it with a tank outside. I have a few tank tops where its not even a question, you’re going to see my bra straps. (TACKY!) With StrapSecure I was able to still move freely and comfortability without showing the whole world what bra I’m wearing that day. I can’t wait for summer…cute tanks here I come!!!

***I did not receive any compensation from IsABelt, simply their product free to me in exchange for my honest opinion.***

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