Cool Gear Review


Cool Gear Inc makes some of the most awesome cups I’ve seen. One thing you’ll always see in my living room is my drink of some sort. More often than not, its iced coffee or ice water, with the occasional soda. The problem I have is the glasses/containers I’ve been using for my drinks. My cup usually sweats, and doesn’t retain temperature well so my drink is warm and watered down from melted ice in no time. When Cool Gear sent me their cups I could not wait to try them out.


I received an adorable Light Up Ornament Tumbler and an incredibly awesome Skull Chiller. Since I didn’t know which one to try first, my husband and I treated ourselves to a glass of soda and tried them out together.



So, it was really hard to capture in a photo, but the Light Up Ornament Tumbler flashes a few different colors at the bottom…the whole ornament lights up pretty bright. The bottom portion where the ornament and batteries are detaches so that you don’t ruin your cup while its being washed…pretty smart! My kids were pretty mesmerized and thought this was the best cup on the face of the Earth, hands down.


The Skull Chiller was my favorite of the two. Not only is it the coolest cup I’ve ever seen , but my drinks stay really cold for extended periods of time. If my iced coffee sits for an hour in my Skull Chiller, there is still ice in my cup, and my coffee still tastes like coffee not water. With other cups I’ve tried in the past that hasn’t been the case. I love my Skull Chiller!

Everyone that has seen my cups has asked me where to get them. In the small town I live in, it can be hard to find anything like these so they definitely stand out. My kids are pretty jealous…I guess its time to order them some!

***I did not receive any compensation from Cool Gear Inc, simply their product free to me in exchange for my honest opinion.***


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