La Fresh Wipes Review


La Fresh Beauty Wipes are making it easier to clean and refresh your skin, no matter where you are. I love products that are easy to toss in a bag and go. Being a busy mom of 3, product convenience is always a big deciding factor in my purchases. La Fresh wipes are also 100% biodegradable so it’s a product you won’t feel bad about using.


I received both Waterproof Makeup Remover wipes and Oil-Free Face Cleanser Wipes to try out. The Oil-Free Face Cleanser has worked really well for me. I have combination skin, so it can be hard to find products that work on all areas of my skin. The Oil-Free wipes work hard on dirt and grime while still being gentle on your skin. I don’t typically wear waterproof makeup, but I do have some for the ocassions where I want to wear it. I wore some for the day to test out the Waterproof Makeup Remover. The La Fresh wipes worked better than any other waterproof makeup remover I’ve ever used. They worked really well, and didn’t leave behind an oily residue like many other waterproof makeup removers do.

The scent of the La Fresh wipes is really refreshing. It is fresh and light, while having a perfume smell that smells amazing and isn’t too overpowering. La Fresh makes many different products, so they’re sure to have just the right thing to suit your needs.

***I did not receive any compensation from La Fresh, simply their product free to me in exchange for my honest opinion.***


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