Sibu Beauty Review


Sibu Beauty makes one of the best balancing facial cleansers. The one that I’ve fallen for is the Sea Buckthorn cleanser, and it works well for all skin types.


What makes this stuff so special is the tiny little sea buckthorn berry. This berry is able to survive and THRIVE in the harshest conditions. It is full of over 190 bioactive compounds, and has omega-7 fatty acids! I have combination skin, some areas seem to be more dry/oily than others, so I was really curious to see how well it would work on my skin.

One big problem I always seem to have is the pores on my nose looking clogged. No matter what I do, nothing seems to help much. The Sibu Sea Buckthorn cleanser has micro-particles to help exfoliate deep down, and really does a good job at getting the dirt out.


I love the pump bottle that it comes in. Convenience of use is a factor I consider when buying products. When it comes to facial cleansers and moisturizers that sit out on the bathroom counter for regular use, I love products that can sti where they are while I dispense them instead of picking up bottles and tubes and fumbling with caps and lids.

The scent of the cleanser is really refreshing, especially in the morning. I love the orange citrus scent. It is really invigorating yet gentle and inviting. I have recommended this cleanser to any of my female friends that will listen to me gab on and on about it!

***I did not receive any compensation from Sibu, simply their product free to me in exchange for my honest opinion.***

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