Sally Hansen Gel Polish Starter Kit Review 2




So, close to a year ago, I reviewed the Sally Hansen Gel Polish Starter Kit. It comes with the light, base coat, color, and top coat, cuticle pusher and nail file/buffer, 10 nail cleansing pads, and gel polish remover. I wasn’t too happy with the color, light pink is always too opaque and you can’t tell that there’s anything there. Shortly after trying out the kit, I moved and it was damaged beyond repair in the move so I was never able to purchase another color to try. When Sally Hansen sent me another one I was pretty excited to try it out again.


I can tell you that after having some prior use of the gel polish starter kit, it seemed much easier to use this time around. I knew not to make my layers too thick so I didn’t have the burning sensation when curing. I was MUCH more satisfied with the color this time! You can see how even the color goes on, and how rich and deep the pigment of the color is. (Don’t mind the few imperfections that are obviously my fault, I can’t find my glasses so I did the best I could). I didn’t achieve quite two weeks, but for a busy mom of 3 who’s hands are always busy and working, the 8 days chip free I got were really nice. Now painting my nails is actually worth it! With normal nail polish I never even seem to make it 24 hours chip free, so 8 days is amazing.

***I did not receive any compensation from Sally Hansen, simply their product free to me in exchange for my honest opinion.***


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