Dropps Review



Dropps Detergent Pacs are something a busy mother of three like myself can really appreciate. When you’re already running around like a chicken with your head cut off, saving a minute or two can mean the world. With Dropps, there is no more measuring and spilling, just toss in the Dropps Pac and go.

There are really good smelling fresh scent, scent-free dye-free for baby’s skin, scent+dye+enzyme-free, there is a Pac for everyone! I’m not sure if any of you are noticing the extreme weather swings, but I chalk it up to global warming…the weather was not like this almost 30 years ago when I was a kid. So, a company like Dropps is just what we need! Dropps products are phosphate-free, chlorine-free, and NPE-free! There is less packaging needed to be used and thrown away, so even bigger score for the environment!

No matter what type of washer you have, what colors or fabrics you’re washing, or what temperatures you’re using, Dropps is up to the task. I love how clean my clothes were with so little effort on my part! Dropps worked better than my typical soap, and my clothes felt better too. Try Dropps Detergent Pacs, you won’t be disapointed.

***I did not receive any compensation from Dropps, simply their product free to me in exchange for my honest opinion.***

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