Diana’s Bananas Review



Diana’s Bananas are the tastiest, healthiest, frozen treats I’ve come across. They’re some of the jungles best bananas, frozen right there in the jungle to preserve their nutrional value and taste. Then, coated in delicious real bar chocolate, so it holds up to every bite. I love how thick the chocolate layer is on the banana. Not too little while not being too much, just perfect.


The texture of the bananas is that of ice cream. For someone like myself who is on a weight loss journey and counting calories, I feel much better about indulging in Diana’s Bananas than an ice cream bar. Being a mother of three, I am always looking for ways to let them have treats, without filling their bodies with junk. Diana’s Bananas are a great treat for the kids, and my cooler just happened to arrive when my son had a friend spending the night. So, I figured, when would be a better time to try them out? One more kid to get an opinion from! Below are my three kiddos and my son’s friend enjoying Diana’s Bananas:



The Banana Bites were my favorite thing that I got to try out. After the kids are in bed, I finally get to sit at the computer and accomplish whatever it is that needs to be done that day. I have a bad habit of snacking while I’m sitting and working, and that’s sooo bad! I’ve been trying to stop, but occasionally I still snack, and Diana’s Bananas are something I can snack on, and not feel guilty about!

***I did not receive any compensation from Diana’s Bananas, simply their product free to me in exchange for my honest opinion.***


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