Smart Touch Can Opener Review


The Smart Touch Can Openerhas changed my kitchen entirely! It was created by inventor Lou Lentine and has a few different great functions. You can open cans, bottles, and jars with one product.

I love having the availability of a really good electric can opener while having the space saving design of being able to be stored in a drawer. I don’t have the most counter space in the world, so I appreciate being able to use all of it. The Smart Touch Can Opener has a super powerful grip and opens the can from the top. All that’s left is a smooth, dull edge, and the powerful magnet keeps the lid from falling into the can. Nothing bugs me more than a dirty can opener. They’re not all “wash” friendly, but Lou Lentine thought of everything! The blade is detachable and even dishwasher safe.

Thanksgiving was a really big test for the Smart Touch Can Opener. After a full day of use and not one problem, I’m in love. I had a manual can opener before I got the Smart Touch and I will never go back. My hands were always hurting from having to grip hard and twist and turn. More often than not I’d end up calling my husband in to do it for me, so he’s quite happy that we got the Smart Touch too. I want to get one for my husband’s grandma. Shes elderly and lives alone with arthritic hands. This would change her life!!

***I did not receive any compensation from, simply their product free to me in exchange for my honest opinion.***


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