Baby Butz Cream Review



Baby Butz Cream is a product that had me intrigued from the get go. If you’re a parent, chances are you’ve experienced a daiper rash or two. My daughter seems to have much more sensitive skin than my sons did, so diaper rash is a more common problem with her than I’ve ever had to deal with.

There are a few problems with typical diaper rash creams. They’re not effective in a rapid time frame, they can cause pain when applied, and they’re not all natural. Baby Butz Cream has changed mine and my daughters life for good.


To be honest, I was hoping that this was a product that would sit for a while. Not because I wasn't eager to use it, but because nobody wants their baby to have a rash, period. I had some errands to run and let my husband in charge of the kids. He laid our daughter down for a nap, and sometime between then and her normal wakeup time when I went to check on her she had soiled her diaper. Needless to say she had a little bit of a rash.

Thank goodness I had the Baby Butz Cream! By her next diaper change the rash was starting to heal. One day later and the rash was completely gone. The scent is really light and doesnt smell like normal diaper rash creams. That threw me off a little bit. I figured something that had such a light fresh scent wouldn't stand a chance. My opinion has now completely changed! I'm crossing my fingers to have my daughter completely potty trained soon, but I will be buying many more jars, they will make great baby shower gifts!

***I did not receive any compensation from Baby Butz, simply their product free to me in exchange for my honest opinion.***


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