Imagine GreenWear Review


Imagine GreenWear is a new brand of organic clothing, and is setting the bar high when it comes to other “organic” clothing lines. Imagine GreenWear is the only true organic clothing line. Not only is the material of the shirt organic, but so is the printing process they use, which other companies do not take into consideration. The shirt is not made using a traditional silkscreen process, but made using dye prints. The dye print base is edible! What’s even better is that all of the clothing is pre-shrunk so it will always fit you like it did the first day.

Imagine GreenWear has clothing for children and woman, and I am in love with all of the shirts that I was sent from them. I got a super cute shirt for myself, and one for each of my three kids.


My oldest son got a marbled tan-ish colored shirt with an awesome guitar graphic on it. It looks so good on him and he absolutely loves his new shirt.


My middle child got a blue shirt with a sunset background a silhouette of a dinosaur. The fit is really good and compliments him well. He couldn’t wait to show off his new shirt to all of his friends.


My daughter received a shirt that is hard to describe other than simply beautiful. The silhouette of the little girl on there looks kind of like my daughter so she thinks she’s wearing a shirt with herself on it. She’s already in love with her reflection to the point I’ve had to put a full length mirror in her room, and now when she has that shirt on I can’t pry her away from the mirror. She points and says “Jade!!!” (That’s her name.)


I got a really cute shirt from them as well. I love the cute graphic on it and how super soft it is. It fits pretty good and the best thing I love about this shirt is it’s length. After having 3 kids my lower tummy is a “problem area” and I like having my shirts a little longer. My new Imagine GreenWear shirt is just perfect!

One thing that everyone has loved about the Imagine GreenWear shirts is that the back is not just plain. Most shirts neglect the back and I love that Imagine GreenWear has taken it into full consideration.

***I did not receive any compensation from Imagine GreenWear, simply their product free to me in exchange for my honest opinion.***


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