Hoo Rag Review


When Hoo Rag said that I could review one of their products I couldn’t wait to try it out. This is the kind of product that I have been trying to find for my husband for a long time. They have many styles to choose from and I was able to easily find one that my picky husband would wear. In fact it was hard to narrow it down.

This is the style that I went with:
This one is called The Walker

It’s funny how the name fit my purpose for it and I didn’t plan it that way. We live less than a mile from my husbands work so he walks to and from work to help conserve gas (we do live on a very tight budget). Last winter, even on the coldest days when I would beg my husband to drive, he still chose to walk. There were nights where it was 2 degrees and snowing with the windchill making it feel like 12 below zero. He would come home so freezing, especially his face, because he is a stubborn mule and wouldn’t drive.

Now that it’s getting very chilly at night, it’s the perfect time of year to test it out. My husband absolutely loves his Hoo Rag. He said it keeps his face nice and toasty warm, and there’s even been a few occasions where he’s lowered it down because he got too hot. Once winter is in full swing it will never be lowered down, I guarantee that!

Here is my husband getting ready for work and putting his Hoo Rag on:
(Ignore how tired he is LOL. He works graveyard and was on VERY little sleep this day)

Another use that has come in handy for the Hoo Rag was framing in a fireplace this past weekend. My husand had to saw lots of wood, and kept inhaling sawdust. After my suggestion of putting on the Hoo Rag, he said “OMG what else can I use this thing for?” I see it coming in very handy when he’s out riding his Dad’s quad too! So many endess uses for Hoo Rag. What’s stopping you from ordering yours?

***I did not receive any compensation from Hoo Rag, simply their product free to me in exchange for my honest opinion.**


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