Beywarriors Shogun Steel Review


If you’re kids like Beyblade, you’ve probably bought them (at some point) Beyblades, launchers (my kids love the dual launcher!), and battle stadiums. The new Beywarriors Shogun Steel is still really close to the other games with a few new differences.


These Beyblades have characters on top, they’re not just a spinning blade. My boys love the addition of the characters! The squeal of delight as I opened the box was one of the best sounds ever. My oldest son said “this Beyblade game is the best there has ever been!”, so definitely a hit with them.



There are a couple of other things I would like to mention. One of the ripcords broke the second time it was used, so that made it a bit more difficult for my son to play. Fixable with super glue but I’m a little bummed it broke so soon out of the box.


The launching of the Beyblades have changed for this game. It’s not a launcher that loads from the bottom and one rip of the cord. You place the ripcord in the side and pull it back and forth a few times and then release. Because of the changing of how they’re launched, it is more difficult for one of my son’s who is a lefty. He can’t turn it a different way like he could with the others types of Beyblades.

Also as I mentioned with the new way of launching, the Beyblade gets spinning very quickly with your hand still very close. If your hand slips (and even mine did) your knuckles will hit the metal and it hurts! My oldest son’s knuckles were cut as you can see in the picture below.


All in all, still a game I would buy for my kids. They will learn to be cautious after a few times of getting their knuckles in the way, but I would like to see a new way of launching. If there is a solution to the launching issue, my boys loved it, and I would buy the new version for sure!

***I received this product free in exchange for my honest opinion from . I was not compensatd in any way, and what you have read is my true, honest opinion.***


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