Bottle Pets Review

bottle pets logo

Bottle Pets are hands down one of the most genius products for babies that I have ever seen. Although my children are sadly too old for this product, (10, 8, and 23 months), I babysit my friends little girl who is almost 2 months old and I couldn’t wait to try it out with baby Emily!

Above is the “Gracie the Pig” Bottle Pet that I got for Emily.

Here is the bottom of it. I love the velcro to insert the bottle super easy!
pig back

Bottle Pets couldn’t have come into my friend Pam’s life soon enough. A few weeks ago she broke the palm of her right hand, and caring for baby Emily has become almost impossible. I kept the Bottle Pets a surprise, and as soon as it was time for Emily’s feeding I couldn’t wait to try it out!

Baby Emily has already shown some interest in holding the bottle herself, but just like all 3 of my kids, she’s too busy and has better things to do with her hands than hold a bottle. As soon as Emily saw her Gracie the Pig Bottle Pet you could see her little eyes light up! Immediately her hands were up and reaching for the bottle. When Mommy came home and saw how great this product was, she asked me where she could order more because one would wear out quickly. I’m happy to say she has since ordered 2 more and plans on getting more when some of the other animals are back in stock.

I would’ve loved this for my 23 month old when she was younger. She refused to hold her bottle until just over 10 months old. It wasn’t that she couldn’t, I had seen her do it like a pro, she didn’t want to because her bottle was such a boring thing to her. I wish I would’ve had one a couple years ago! I have been recomending Bottle Pets to every single person I know…genius! They’re machine washable, which is perfect because we all know how babies can make a mess of anything!

***I did not receive any compensation from Bottle Pets, simply their product free to me in exchange for my honest opinion***


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