France Luxe Review

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France Luxe is the place to go next time you’re looking for some goregous, yet affordable hair accessories. There are products in many price ranges to fit your budget, and I love that! I couldn’t wait to try some of the hair accessories out. I have long hair that I don’t have time to do much with, and these hair accessories have made my life a breeze!


The hair accessories come packaged so beautifuly! I almost hated opening them, but it was worth it. Below are some pictures of the products that I received.

L. Erickson Courtney Studded Comb

France Luxe Subtle Framed Quilted Rectangle Pony

France Luxe Handmade French Twist Comb – Classic

All of the hair accessories have been really easy to use! In just a matter of a few minutes I’ve been able to change up my hair more often than I noramlly would, and that’s a huge bonus for me. Anything us moms can do to help us feel better about ourselves is worth it.

Here are a few ways I have been using the accessories:

Looks great with a ponytail!

Hair swept to the side and held in place so it’s not in my face all day long.

Halfway pulled back, one of my favorites.

And of course, my ever favorite bun lol. You can’t see the comb at all because my mass of hair is hiding it so here’s a top angle to see the hair comb:

I love being able to change up my daily routine, and France Luxe has made that easy to do. All of the hair accessories are simply goregous and would make a great gift (for a friend, loved one, or yourself!).

***I did not receive any compensation from France Luxe, simply their product free to me in exchange for my honest opinion***


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