Portion Plate Review

portion plate logo

Portion Plate is a great way to help control portion size. So many of us are getting way too many of the food we shouldn’t be eating, and not enough of the food that are good for us. Portion Plate has been a really great tool for me. I thought I was feeding my family healthy before, now I realize how much damage I was doing by not paying attention!

I received 2 adult Portion Plate placemats, and 2 children’s Portion Plate placemats. You can see the front and back of them in this picture:
portion plate placemats

I also received 2 adult Portion Plates:
adult portion plate

And 2 children’s Portion Plates:
kids portion plate

I couldn’t wait for our first meal using the Portion Plates…this table looks to empty!
portion plate table set

So, I have been using the Portion Plate for almost every single lunch and dinner. Once you’ve been using them for a while, it makes it easier to visualize your own plate that way without having the Portion Plate in front of you if it’s dirty and you’re feeling lazy lol. Below are a few example of the meals that I have served using Portion Plate.

hotdogs brown rice sweet corn apples
This was a lunch that my daughter loved. Sliced cheese dogs, brown rice, sweet corn with red peppers, and sliced apples.

chicken breast gerber puffs peas peaches
Another lunch my little one loved! Diced chicken breast, Gerber Veggie Dip flavored puffs, sweet peas, and diced peaches.

chicken fries french fries carrots bread
If you’re having a lazy night and making freezer-to-oven foods, you can still use the Portion Plate! This evening we had chicken fries, french fries, sliced carrots, and half a slice of whole grain white bread.

carne asada tortilla onions salsa
Portion Plate can also help you correctly portion a taco instead of loading everything on there. Here we have one tortilla, carne asada, grilled onions and jalapenos, and home made salsa…yum!

You can see just how versatile Portion Plate is. The possibilites are endless, and I am in love! My kids really loved the placemats! It gave them something fun to look at and read while they ate. I love that it was educating them as they ate, and they had fun doing it. Definitely reccomending this to everyone I know!

***I did not receive any compensation from Portion Plate, simply their product free to me in exchange for my honest opinion***


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