Bestowed Subscription Box Review

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Bestowed is a monthly subscription box that introduces you to new and exciting foods, snacks and beverages that are all healthy, and much better for you than most products out there. All of the items featured in Bestowed’s monthly boxes are hand picked from celebrity nutritionalist, Heather Bauer. You can either buy the box month-to-month, or pay for it annualy. The monthly cost is $19 a month, or an annual price of $209. If you go with the annual plan, that breaks down to $17.42 a month, so there’s an additional savings of $18.96!


Here is a look at the August box that I received. It’s hard to see everything in one shot so I have multiple photos below.


The Lundberg Rice Chips were really good. A great alternative to many other unhealthy snack options, and I even got my 23 month old daughter to like them. The Reboot came just in time…I got my first flu of the year. It was really nice to have around and I think helped me recover a bit faster than I would have without it.


The Wasabi Sea Snax were really delicious. They had a really nice kick to them without being too much. The Cascadian Farms granola bar was probably my favorite thing in the box. It was really tasty and really hit the spot.


The Mighty Leaf Tea was really good! Much better than traditional iced tea, and we go through a lot of that here in my house. I have already used the coupon that comes attached to the tea! Miracle Noodle was definitely something interesting. I was really hesitant to try them out…but they weren’t that bad. I’m just not used to noodles coming packaged in the way that Miracle Noodle is. The coupon for Noosa Yoghurt I have not been able to redeem yet because it is not carried locally, I would have to drive an hour for it. I am working on getting my local store to carry it so I can give it a try.


Last but not least we have the Nakano Seasoned Rice Vinegar and the Flax-N-Chia. The Nakano Seasoned Rice Vinegar has a really nice “bite” to the flavor. I used these to cook with the Miracle Noodle and it had a really great flavor. The Flax-N-Chia are really great to mix into a home-made smoothie and give it an even better nutritional value…great way to sneak it in on the kids as well.

There was only one thing in the box that I had tried before, so I was really pleased to see a nice array of things that I had never tried, or heard of before. Bestowed is a great way to learn about lots of fun, new, healthy products that are out there.

Here’s how the value of the box breaks down:
Miracle Noodle – $3.29
Cascadian Farms Granola Bar – $1.03
Mighty Leaf Tea – $4.69 plus $1.50 coupon
Lundberg Rice Chips – $ 1.24
Noosa Yoghurt coupon – $3.00
Sea Snax – $1.49
Flax-N-Chia – $1.12 for 1 so $2.24 for both
Reboot – $13.99
Nakano Seasoned Rice Vinegar – $3.57

Total value of the box is $36.04! Considering that the most you’ll pay for a Bestowed box is $19 this is a really great deal. Make sure you sign up quickly for their September box…the monthly boxes ship out on the 15th of every month.

***I did not receive any compensation from Bestowed, simply their product free to me in exchange for my honest opinion***


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