O’Keefe’s Company Review

okeefes logo

I was really excited when O’Keefe’s said that I could review a couple of their products. I was so excited for my husband and I, his hands are always messed up after working on the vehicle, and my feet were just plain unattractive.

o'keefe's both in package

I received O’Keefe’s for Working Hands, and O’Keefe’s for Healthy Feet. I couldn’t wait to open them up and try them out.

o'keefe's working hands

O’Keefe’s for Working Hands worked really well for my husband. Usually after working on the car it takes up to a week for his hands to feel better, and it makes it more difficult for him to work. Two days after working on the car, my husband’s hands were all better. After using the O’Keefe’s for Working Hands a couple of times he couldn’t believe how well the product worked. Now he has one jar in the house, and one jar in his toolbox. Never in a million years did I think I would find a skin care product in my husband’s toolbox!

o'keefe's healthy feet

O’Keefe’s for Healthy Feet…amazing. That’s the best one word description I could ever come up with. After the first two uses, I could already see and feel a difference. After almost a full week and I couldn’t believe those were my feet I was staring down at.


This is a before and after that you will find on O’Keefe’s website. If I didn’t know any better, I would swear to you that those were my feet. I am really regreting not taking my own before and after photos, but I never seem to have luck with anything helping my feet so I didn’t have high hopes for O’Keefe’s when I started using it. What an awful decision that was to not take pictures. I can’t stress to you enough how awesome this stuff is. I am going to be buying some more and mailing it to my mom. She has the same problem with her feet that I do and after I told her about O’Keefe’s she couldn’t wait to try it.

UPDATE!!! 9/1/13
I am a bit under the weather right now. I am having to blow my nose many times every hour. I’m sure you all know this means a sore chapped nose. I typically will rub some chapstick on my finger, and then the sore area of the nose for some relief. I decided to try some of the O’Keefe’s for Working Hands instead of the chapstick and it is working really great. It has provided relief for my sore nose much more quickly than anything else that I have tried in the past. Yay for O’Keefe’s!!!!

***I did not receive any compensation from O’Keefe’s, simply their product free to me in exchange for my honest opinion***


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