Incoco Nail Strips Review


Incoco makes some of the cutest nail strips I have ever seen. I love that they’re made from 100% real nail polish, and go on with absolutely no dry time. Someone like myself who is a mother of 3, my nails are often neglected because I just don’t have time to do them. If my nails do manage to get done, I have to do something or another before they’re dry and then all of the time I spent polishing them is just a waste.

Incoco Nail

Incoco sent me two different sets of nail strips to try out. I got a solid pretty pink color called Sweet Kiss, and the other is a light pink with darker pink design called Sweet Romance. The lighter pink with design was my favorite. I had never used nail strips before, but they have an awesomely helpful tutorial vidoe that you can find here.

Incoco nail pink

This is the Sweet Kiss. It went on really well and was not difficult at all. It looks great!

Incoco Nail designs

Here is the Sweet Romance. I love how simple it is to put on but looks like I went to a salon and spent lots of money on my nails.

incoco nail design

After I had worn the Sweet Kiss for a few days, I decided to have some fun and play it up a bit. I had a couple extra strips of Sweet Romance, so I added those for an accent nail on each hand. Looks good! I love how you can have the glamor of beautiful nails, and not have to sit forever to let them dry.

Incoco typically lasts up to two weeks. Mine lasted about 6 days before looking bad, but that’s really a great accomplishment. Traditional nail polish won’t even hold up one full day with me, and close to a week with my nails looking good is alright with me. Definitely a new product I will be adding to my routine.

Also I should point out, the pictures look like my nail tips have rubbed off, that is just the lighting. No matter what I did the light still shone in the same way and made the tips looked rubbed off. I can promise you, they looked much more amazing in real life than they do in the photos.

***I did not receive any compensation from Incoco, simply their product free to me in exchange for my honest opinion***


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