Bumkins Review


Bumkins bib and shirt

Bumkins has some really adorable baby/toddler accessories. Everything from diapering, to clothing, to diaper bags and totes, and bibs. I received a really cute shirt and bib to review.


Here is the shirt that my daughter fell in love with. It is a cute, pink “Cat in the Hat” shirt, which is perfect for her! One of her favoirte shows right now is “The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That”. Unfortunately, the day before we got the shirt my little monkey was trying to climb her brothers’ bunkbed, and she fell and broke her arm. I was hoping the sleeves weren’t too tight that we couldn’t get it over her poor little arm. I’m really glad it fit.

bumkins jade unhappy

She had just woken up from a nap and needed some tylenol for the pain, so she’s not so happy here, but you can see the shirt fits her really well. It looks good on her too. Once she started cheering up she kept coming up to me and saying, “look, hat!” (for Cat in the Hat). She definitely loves her new shirt.

bumkins jade park

Although you can’t see too much of the shirt here, shortly after the previous picture she was having fun at the park during her brother’s football pracitce and she loved showing her shirt off to all of the kids.

bumkins bib

More often than not, my daughter ends up eating the messy foods in nothing more than a daiper. Traditional bibs are nowhere near big enough to cover the whole mess-prone area, and she won’t keep them on. Being that this is “Cat in the Hat,” I had no problem getting her to wear it. I love how it has small sleeves and protects a nice, large area.

bumkins jade blowing kisses

I brought the Junior Bib out for lunch, and she insisted on putting it on. Her show was on, and she wanted to wear the “Cat in the Hat” while it was on TV. Too cute! We headed off to a spaghetti lunch where the bib managed to stay on the whole time, and her clothes underneath were not the slightest bit dirty.

Both of the products fit really, and the quality seems to be really nice. Make sure to keep Bumkins in mind when buying something for your litte one, or even a friend’s!

***I did not receive any compensation from Bumkins, simply their product free to me in exchange for my honest opinion***


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