Crayon Rocks Review and Giveaway

crayon rocks

Crayon Rocks are probably the coolest crayon that I’ve ever come across. Their unique shape is not just fun for the kids, but it is helping your child at the same time. They are designed in a way where they enhance the tripod grip muscles, getting your little one’s hands ready for handwriting. The colors are really rich and vibrant, and coloring is effortless. It’s a little bit like painting a picture. Crayon Rocks are made from all natural soy wax, made from USA grown soy beans! You guys all know by now, one of the things that I appreciate most is products that come from the USA.

crayon rock 2

This is my pouch of Crayon Rocks that I received. I love the colors and the cute little pouch that they come in. My kids are loving the Crayon Rocks. I always encourage them to draw, go play outside, do stimulating things rather than sit in front of a TV or video game all day. I love it when my kids and I can agree on things…the older they get the more rare that becomes. While my 2 older kids are sitting and drawing with my almost-2 year old, they’re all having fun, and she’s immitating their tripod grip which is allwoing her to pick up on it faster. Any family that has kids needs to try out Crayon Rocks!

Crayon Rocks has also been generous enough to sponsor a giveaway! One lucky winner will get their own pouch of Crayon Rocks! Giveaway will begin on 8/11/13 at 12:00 am EST and end on 8/18/13 at 12:00 am EST. Winner will have 24 hours to claim their prize or another winner will be chosen. Winner will be chosen randomly by Good luck! Please click the link below to enter.

Enter Giveaway Here

***I did not receive any compensation from Crayon Rocks, simply their product free to me in exchange for my honest opinion***


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