Zombie Rescue Station T-Shirt Review


My sons really love the zombie craze lately. My oldest son has been asking for “an awesome” zombie shirt for a while now. Where I live there is not a great selection of clothing. Its pretty much Wal-Mart and my sons are at the age where they want to be unique and have something different than all of the other kids. That’s why I headed over to Zombie Rescue Station.


I was really excited when I found this shirt for my son! I wanted to show it to him and say “look what I’m getting you!” but I managed to restrain myself and keep it a surprise. Usually all of the mail that comes is for me, and they’re always wishing something in there is for them. This time my son was really excited to see something really was for him!

He started screaming “oh my God! Is this for me?” Much to his delight it was! I wanted to take a picture of it before he wore it and he was jumping around the living room and couldn’t hardly wait for me to be done. I am very happy with the way the shirt held up. It is 100% cotton and made very well. No rips or tears, and even after a good wash and dry there was no shrinking.

***I did not receive any compensation from Zombie Rescue Station, simply their product free to me in exchange for my honest opinion***


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