Perky Jerky Review and Giveaway


Perky Jerky is something that I had seen in stores, but I hadn’t tried it yet. Perky Jerky has been amazing enough to send me some Perky Jerky and Turkey Perky Jerky to try out and share my opinion with you guys.


I couldn’t wait to try it out! As soon as you open the bags there is an aroma that makes you salivate. You can smell the difference between Perky Jerky and other store bought jerkys. There are no preservative, no nitrates, and no MSG added (except as naturally occuring in soy sauce which is the second ingredient). Only 90 calories per 1 oz serving? Yes…that’s right…only 90 calories!

The Perky Jerky was the first one I tried. OMG! It was really soft! I love beef jerky but don’t buy it as often as I crave it becuase it is so dang hard and feels like you’re chewing on leather that just won’t break down. Not Perky Jerky! It was really soft and easy to chew. The flavor is amazing…something I’d compare to a peppered jerky which is one of my favorite flavors for a jerky. The Perky Jerky gave me a nice little boost of energy from all of the protien in it, and I was able to clean the whole house without feeling exhausted. It’s a great snack for just about anyone!

Next up, the Turkey Perky Jerky. I have to admit, I had never tried a turkey jerky before. I’m kind of a very picky eater, and turkey jerky just never sounded appetizing to me. I had to give it a shot this time. Man, if this is what all turkey jerky tastes like I have been missing out! Being that the quality of the beef Perky Jerky tops anything I’ve found in any store, my assumption is that the Turkey Perky Jerky holds it’s own against competitors. The flavor marinade I think is the same as the beef but it still tastes amazing! The Turkey Perky Jerky was just as soft and easy to chew as the beef Perky Jerky, and I’m now a huge fan. After having Perky Jerky I don’t think that I can ever go back to another brand.

One more thing that I must include that I love about Perky Jerky is their profit sharing. A portion of their earnings will be devoted to muscular dystrophy and down syndrome research. Great job Perky Jerky! I love companies that help fund causes so great!


Perky Jerky has also been generous enough to sponsor a giveaway! One winner will receive a Beef or Turkey Perky Jerky caddy (your choice) valued at $30! Giveaway will begin on 8/4/13 at 12:00 am EST and end on 8/11/13 at 12:00 am EST. Winner will have 24 hours to claim their prize or another winner will be chosen. All giveaway entries will be verified. Click the link below to enter:

Enter Giveaway Here

***I did not receive any compensation from Perky Jerky, simply their product free to me in exchange for my honest opinion***

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