Belli Skincare Review


Belli has an amazing lotion that I have recently tried. I wish I would’ve known about this stuff when I was pregnant with my kids! They have a whole line of skincare that is meant specifically for expecting and new mothers. The lotion smells so fragrant and wonderful I can not stop smelling my skin! It is made with lemon oil and chamomile, although I really don’t smell much of the chamomile. The lemon is the predominant scent, but not in a bad way.


I suggest if you’ve never used this lotion before, START SPARINGLY! I had no idea just how well the lotion works. It is very thick and covers extremely well. Usually after I apply lotion in the morning, by lunch time my skin is dry and itchy. I used Belli in the morning, and by lunch time my skin was still soft and didn’t feel dry at all! Dinner time rolled around and my skin still felt amazing. I was very surprised at how long the moisture from Belli lotion lasted. I can see why this is meant for expecting and new mothers, it would feel AMAZING on the over-stretched pregnant belly skin. Belli lotion is also free of teratogens which have been linked to birth defects and miscarriage.

If you or anyone you know are expecting or have recently had a baby, please send them over to I wish someone would’ve told me about this stuff sooner. I have had 3 kids and during each pregnancy I was unable to find a product that moisturizes as well as Belli.

***I did not receive any compensation from Belli Skincare, simply their product free to me in exchange for my honest opinion***


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