Kroger Deli Fried Chicken Review


Thanks to my friends over at BzzAgent I was able to try out the Deli Chicken at my local Kroger store! I’m so glad I joined the Bzz Campaign! I received a coupon for a free 8 piece chicken dinner, kettle style chips, and Coca-Cola!


I went with BBQ chips because that’s what everyone in my family seems to like. The chicken was by far the best part of the meal. The chicken was hot, delicious and super juicy. My husband is not a fan of any fried chicken (weirdo!) so I didn’t expect it to go well with him. Surprisingly he really enjoyed the chicken and ate more of it than I did. There was two pieces left after dinner that I saved for lunch, only to wake up in the morning and find them gone from the fridge! Now I know the didn’t grow legs and walk away! My husband decided a late night snack of chicken would be delicious! So, that’s saying a lot about the Deli Chicken at Kroger stores!

Definitely a food that everyone in the house will enjoy. Myself, my husband, and our 3 kids loved it and we have had it since. Greatly reduced cost compared to a fast food joint, and tastes home made. Save me the work Kroger, I will eat your Deli Style chicken any day of the week.

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