Zevia Review and Giveaway


Zevia sodas are my new favorite beverage! Not only is it super delicious, but its also made without artificial sweeteners, and is ZERO calories! I’m always craving soda, but don’t want to kill my calorie count for the day.

Zevia was awesome enough to hook me up with a 6 pack of sodas to try out, all different flavors too!


I received Strawberry, Black Cherry, Lemon Lime Twist, Cola, Ginger Root Beer, and Ginger Ale. Each one seemed more yummy than the last and I couldn’t pick a favorite one.

Strawberry – Great flavor and taste. Seemed more like a flavored water than a soda but that wasn’t an issue really. It was still really good!

Black Cherry – again, this one tasted like a flavored water more than a soda but it was still delicious. Black Cherry I only got a few sips of before my kids got their hands on it. They thought it was good too! If it can win my kids over its fine by me!

Lemon Lime Twist – much better than the other lemon lime flavored drinks out on the market…refreshing too!

Cola – surprisingly matched the flavor of my favorite cola product. I think it may have even tasted better knowing it was better for me!

Ginger Root Beer – a bit of a different taste than traditional root beer, but not different in a bad way. Still very much a flavor that I enjoyed.

Ginger Ale – topped the flavor in my go-to ginger ale! That’s a hard task to complete and I’m a huge fan now!

If you’ve been looking for an alternative to traditional sodas, give Zevia a chance to win you over.

Zevia has also been generous enough to sponsor a giveaway! 5 winners will each receive a coupon for a free 6 pack of Zevia soda! Giveaway will begin 6/25/13 at 12:00 am EST and end on 7/2/13 at 12:00 am EST. Winner will have 24 hours to claim prize or another winner will be chosen. All giveaway entries will be validated. Winner will be chosen randomly by rafflecopter.com . Click the link below to enter:

Enter Giveaway Here

***I did not receive any compensation from Zevia, simply their product free to me in exchange for my honest opinion***

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