Five Finger Tees Review


Have any of you checked out Five Finger Tees yet? They have some really amazing shirts for just about every want or desire. I browsed for a VERY long time before being able to decide what to get.

Father’s Day is coming up, so I figured it would be great to get my husband a shirt that suits him (that I can also steal and wear occasionally while he’s gone working graveyard shift). The shirt I chose for him is brown in color, has a picture of a weiner dog, and the caption says “have you seen my weiner?”


My husband has quite the jokester attitiude, and if this shirt made me laugh, I knew he would love it. It held up well to a wash in warm water and a good dry cycle. No shrinking, and no peeling of the decal. Great gift for yourself or anyone else at great prices. Check out Five Finger Tees today!

***I did not receive any compensation from Five Finger Tees, simply their product free to me in ex change for my honest opinion***


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