Stephany’s Lasagna Recipe


Here’s what you need to make my delicious lasagna.

-1 box lasagna noodles (I prefer Barilla)
-1 lb ground country sausage
-1 lb ground beef
-15 oz ricotta cheese
-12 oz part-skim low moisture mozerella cheese
-48 oz traditional pasta sauce


Brown your sausage


Brown your ground beef


Pour a small amount of sauce from jar into bottom of pan. This will keep the base noodles from burning and becoming hard. Mix remaining sauce with both sausage and ground beef after you have drained them of fat.


Here’s how I like to layer it…noodles…


Meat and sauce mixture…


Mozerella that you’ve thinly sliced…


Ricotta cheese, then repeat. I usually do 3 layers, and the top layer is finished off with remaining sauce.

Cook at 350 degrees for 30 minutes and you’re good to go!


Here it is fresh out of the oven…delicious!

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