Skoy Scrub Review


Have you guys heard of the Skoy Scrub? When I heard about these I knew that I had to try them! I am constantly replacing sponges and scouring pads in my kitchen. They quickly become germy and smell. The thing that drew me into the Skoy Scrub is that they are re-usable! Pop it in the dishwasher (or washer and dryer is what I used because I am the dishwasher) and they’re good to go again!


After one week of very heavy use, I washed mine and it still looks good as new! I’ve used it on every surface in my house from stainless steel, to vinyl, to teflon…it handled like a champ! They Skoy Scrub is made from 100% cotton and non-toxic hardeners. A product I feel confident about using in my home. Head on over to and pick some up!

***I did not receive any compensation from Skoy Cloth, simply their product free to me in exchange for my honest opinion***


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