This Week’s Freebies 5/19/13 – 5/25/13


This week’s freebies:
-WaxVac Ear Cleaner
-Bulu Box including: NeoCell collagen beauty builder, fit ‘n crisp vanilla marxhmellow bar, Thin Pill, Fit Mixer amino energy, Jcore zero-lite energy boosting drink mix, and $5 gift card to gympact
-“Dinosaurs Against Creationism” T-Shirt
-Gain Fireworks sample
-US weekly
-Dr Scholls for her from ExpoTV
-Natures Bounty shaker bottle
-Necklace Saver
-Piczzle photo puzzle
-NatureMade vitamin c melts sample
-Skoy Scrub
-Alien decal from
-Wholly Guacamole filled cooler seen below:

You also couldn’t see the alien decal well because of a light, so here’s a better shot:


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